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Archive for March 13, 2014

Why Dog Day Care is Right for You and Your Pet

Written by admin. Posted in Dog boarding kennel, Dog day care, Doggy day care salem oregon

Dog day care salem oregon

Being a pet owner can be a fun and rewarding experience. Of households in the United States, 39% have at least one dog. Ninety percent of pet owners agree that their pets are like a part of their family. One-third of dog owners even display a picture of their dog somewhere in their home, just like a family photo.

Ultimately, we want the best for our pets, and making sure that they have care during a typical weekday or when we’re away on a vacation or business trip is important. If you need care for your dog on workdays or during a trip away from home, consider bringing your dog to a dog day care center.

There are three options for pet day care for your dog. The first is dog boarding during the day while you are at work or school. Dog boarding facilities will ensure that your dog has food, water, a