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Fleas and The 3 Most Common Treatments

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Pet hospitals

Your adorable, loving puppy is bound to have fleas at some point her life. Dogs get into all kinds of dirt and mischief, and sometimes they pick up fleas. This can be annoying and painful for your pup. In fact, an average female flea consumes about 15 times her body weight in blood every day. This doesn?t bode well for anybody. Humans can also get fleas, and they spread like wildfire. If your pet gets fleas, you should bring her to a veterinarian as soon as possible. You likely won?t have to go to an animal hospital unless your dog gets sick, which could indicate the fleas are carrying a disease.

If your dog does catch a disease from fleas or ticks, get to an animal hospital immediately once symptoms appear. C

Why Vet Vists Are So Important For Animals

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Veterinary oncology arizona

pets are part of the family for many people. Although taking care of them is not always cheap or simple, many individuals and families feel that their pet is almost like a human, and only want to offer the best care they can provide or afford. Some individuals worry about major problems down the line, such as diagnosis of cancer in animals, and wonder how they can prevent this from happening. Even with the economic downturn, surveys have shown that over 90% of families still spend as much money as they did before on their pets, and sometimes even more. Here is what can be done to avoid major problems that can lead to a veterinary emergency.

Take Pets in, At Least Twice a Year

In order to avoid going to the emergency vet, which can cost a lot of money, individuals shou

How to Get The Best Pet Insurance

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Popular pet names

Pets have never been more popular in the United States. Families across the country are more likely to own pets now than ever before, according to a number of statistics. One of those statistics involves the fact that there are currently about 76.43 million cats, the United States has more cats than any other country. As of today, statistics have proven that the United States spends about $20.46 billion on pet food every single year. Also, the United States spends about $12.56 billion dollars on pet supplies and what people consider, over the counter medicine, every single year. Because of the popularity of pets, more people are buying pet insurance for the pets that they own. This pet insurance is meant to help in case the pet has any illnesses, or injuries while in possession of their owners. The Pet Insur