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Gravestones for Pets Help in the Grieving Process

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Gravestones for pets

About 62 percent of U.S. households have at least one pet. They are a member of the family, and studies show that grief over a pet is as intense as grief over a lost friend or relative. There is no one way to grieve, so long as the owner gives herself time and permission to grieve. Many owners, though, chose gravestones for pets to honor their departed.

Gravestones for pets can be used whether or not one actually buries a pet. In fact, gravestones for pets can be important in the grieving process by itself. By choosing pet grave markers, one can memorialize a pet forever, and make sure that their Emory does not die.

Headstones for pets can have character to them. Many can be engraved with the image of the pet. Many can also be made of river stones or granite, giving them a unique character. If pet stones mark an actual burial site, be sure they comply with local zoning ordinances.

Gravestones for pets help in the grieving process. Whether they mark an actual grave or not is irrelevant. What is more relevant is that they memorialize a pet forever, and help the owner move on.

Purchasing Pet Stones

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Animal memorials

There are a lot of pet owners in the United States today. Statistics speak for themselves here. In any given home you’re bound to find either a cat or a dog. This is because there are over 78 million pet dogs and over 86 million pet cats.

Not only are there a lot of pets but many of them are actually quite spoiled. Take for instance that one quarter of all pet owners will actually take the time to blow dry their pet’s hair after giving them a bath. Another one third of all dogs will go along with their owner whenever they go on a family vacation.

With this information in mind, it should come as no surprise that these pet owners want to have a pet memorial. This is where pet stones or gravestones for pets have grown in popularity. The reason why so many people are using pet memorial markers or pet memorial stones to mark their pet’s grave when they die is because their pet has become nothing short than another family member for them.

There is nothing wrong with using these pet stones today. There is also nothing wrong with having an animal memorial at which time the pet stones or pet grave markers are typically placed at the head of your pet’s grave. After all, you have shared a lot of very special times with your pet.

One thing that you may have learned if you owned a chow and spent a lot of time with him before needing pet stones for him, is that this is the only breed of dog that doesn’t have a pink tongue. The chow actually has a black tongue instead of a pink one but unless you have spent a lot of time washing and bathing him you probably would have never knew about this for yourself. Nevertheless, isn’t it great when we get to learn these things about our beloved pets?