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Dark Park Accessories Must Include Doggy Waste Bags

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Dog training obstacle course

The joke is that Mom has one nemesis.
Mom is generally an easy going person who seems to be on a mission to find the good in every person in every situation, but when it comes to her arch enemy there seems to be no chance for reconciliation.
The situation started when Mom stepped into dog poop one day when she was going over the short split rail fence into the park behind her house. She was going out to take some pictures of her two teenage daughters playing catch and attempting batting practice at the ball diamond less than 50 yards away. When Mom’s foot landed in that dog poop, however, the picture taking venture came to an abrupt end. Her favorite shoes were ruined in her opinion, and no amount of cleaning could convince her otherwise. Never really much of a pet person anyway because of

How To Protect Your Animal?s Health

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Plans for pet insurance

When it comes to human medicine and animal medicine, neither one comes very cheap. Animal care is actually one of the most expensive form of medicine in the nation and the costs just keep rising year after year. It?s gotten to the point where many pet owners are opting to put their animals down due to the simple fact that they cannot afford the treatment. Expensive health care for animals and pet health insurance plans has made it quite a challenge for animal owners to protect your animals health.

What makes it even more difficult to protect your animals health is that it?s almost out of your control. The warning signs of an unhealthy or sick animal is not the same as it is for a human being. Unless you k

How to Treat Heartworms for Your Dog

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Heartworm antigen test

If you are a dog owner, there is a good chance you’ve been told about or heard about heartworm disease. It is not an easy thing to look at, especially when dealing with your beloved pet. We do everything we can to assure out dogs are healthy and happy. But sometimes, that isn’t enough.

In the aftermath of a heartworm antigen test kit coming back positive, you may find yourself feeling a little helpless. Luckily, it is possible to treat this problem. Veterinary laboratory procedures are now in place to help kill the he