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Is Your Dog Suffering From Arthritis? This May Help!

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Your fur baby means a lot to you, doesn’t it? You treat them like your own children, feeding them, grooming them, making them comfortable, playing with them, teaching them lessons, and scolding them on the rare occasion. And like children, households residing in the United States have at the very least one pet, 44 percent of which own a dog with Labradors leading the pack as the most popular dog since 2013. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get to spend all the time you wish on them. It’s not uncommon for your dog to experience some kind of discomfort that whittles away at their once energetic nature. All is not lost! There are a plethora of therapy products for dogs that may help win back some of that rowdy nature you know your dog has.

Arthritis in your dog is, unfortunately, a common problem among dogs, as common as one in four pet dogs in just the United States. In order to help your dog further, it’s best to be familiar with the symptoms beforehand to react to the problem as

Your Dog’s Happiness is Important, So Choose the Best Services for Them

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You’re looking for boarding for dogs but not just any old boarding, because you want the best for your dog like you would do for yourself. Do you know what makes a good boarding center when it comes to choosing the best groomer for your pup? What makes your dog comfortable and makes you feel as if you sent your dog to a clean and safe place where they feel at home? There are certain aspects that you might look for when it comes to choosing the best groomer.

When You’re Choosing Grooming for Dogs

You want your pup to receive personal, one-on-one care when it comes to their professional dog grooming services, because your dog is important to you and you want what is best for them. That’s why, when you choose a grooming company, you want to consider one that is going to pay this particular attention to your dog to ensure that they are being cared for to the b

Dogs And Cats Get Periodontal Disease, Too Why You Should Be Brushing Your Pets’ Teeth Every Day

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Your pet’s health is important. Achieving everything your cat or dog needs to live a long and happy life means breaking things down into basics.

That means looking up the right dental care for pets, rather than attempting home solutions that may or may not work. That means getting a dog spayed or neutered as soon as possible so they don’t create unwanted litters. You love your furry friend, but with them comes massive responsibility. If you’re worried about falling behind on vaccinations — or just want to make sure your pet is on the up and up — consider reading the list below. There’s a lot to get to, but it’s best done in a series of steps.

Here are five ways to ensure your cats and dogs are always feeling their best.

Double-Check Your Dental Care Methods

Just like your own oral health care, your pets need to be checked on a daily basis. Dogs and cats can succumb to periodontal disease, which can erode their gum lining and cause them a