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Archive for August 19, 2014

The Top Three Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Written by admin. Posted in Importance of spaying and neutering your pet, Spay and neuter clinic phoenix az, Spay or neuter your pets

Az spay and neuter clinic

People often ask “Why spay and neuter your pets?” After all, it is a big decision to make, so there must be equally big advantages to make it worthwhile, right? The importance of spaying and neutering your pet must be clear, so here are three reasons you should visit an affordable spay and neuter clinic today:

1. It Prevents Diseases

One of the most clear and present reasons why you should spay and neuter your pets is that it can let them avoid serious illness. Neutering a male pet can prevent testicular cancer so long as it is done before they are half a year old. The prevention of cancer is reason enough to make folks consider the procedure, but be sure to do it early for the best results! It isn’t just about the pe