Month: August 2014

Accessories Do More Than Give Your Pet Pizazz

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For many people, their pets are an important part of the family and often take on the role of another family member. As such, our furry little friends are often pampered and treated to many luxuries that even human members of the family don’t get. One way people like to pamper their cats and dogs is by decking them out with accessories. Why buy just a plain old collar for your pet when you can get unique dog collars and cat collars that make them stand out? Many people might think this accessorizing is a little crazy, and while some people tend to take it overboard, there are actually some benefits to it.

Dog and cat collars and tags are an important identification method that can be the difference between finding a lost pet and never seeing them again. If your pet ever runs away or gets lost, you wa Read More

The Top Three Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

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People often ask “Why spay and neuter your pets?” After all, it is a big decision to make, so there must be equally big advantages to make it worthwhile, right? The importance of spaying and neutering your pet must be clear, so here are three reasons you should visit an affordable spay and neuter clinic today:

1. It Prevents Diseases

One of the most clear and present reasons why you should spay and neuter your pets is that it can let them avoid serious illness. Neutering a male pet can prevent testicular cancer so long as it is done before they are half a year old. The prevention of cancer is reason enough to make folks consider the procedure, but be sure to do it early for the best results! It isn’t just about the pe Read More

From Cat and Dog Coasters to Personalized Tee Shirts Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers

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There are around 73 million homes or 64% of all households in the United States with pets, so there’s a good chance that you know someone who owns a dog, cat, or other animal whether you do or not. Americans love to spend money on their pets, too, especially around the holidays. The Christmas season brings $5 billion annually to the pet industry as people buy gifts for their cats and dogs or buy gifts for the pets of their friends and family. And people love showing off their pets, too, so personalized photo gifts, such as cat and dog coasters, tee shirts, and other keepsakes are popular for pet lovers.

No matter which season or occasion it is, there are plenty of unique gifts for pets and pet lovers alike. If you’re thinking of getting something for a pet owner, here are some items they may like:

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