Month: March 2014

Why Dog Day Care is Right for You and Your Pet

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Being a pet owner can be a fun and rewarding experience. Of households in the United States, 39% have at least one dog. Ninety percent of pet owners agree that their pets are like a part of their family. One-third of dog owners even display a picture of their dog somewhere in their home, just like a family photo.

Ultimately, we want the best for our pets, and making sure that they have care during a typical weekday or when we’re away on a vacation or business trip is important. If you need care for your dog on workdays or during a trip away from home, consider bringing your dog to a dog day care center.

There are three options for pet day care for your dog. The first is dog boarding during the day while you are at work or school. Dog boarding facilities will ensure that your dog has food, water, a Read More

Two Ways to Build a Better Brand Identity Through Your Website

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“A brand is a specific combination of logo, words, type font, design, colors, personality, price, service, etc. It’s also a bundle of attributes.”

Those words appeared in a May 2012 article published on the Forbes website, penned by a contributor who works at a marketing agency. So you can imagine she knows a thing or two about brand identities. Today’s professional websites simply aren’t professional unless they’re building a specific brand, and the only way to do that is to adopt the most advanced strategies for cultivating a successful identity.

You want your users to associate your brand name with the physical appearance of your logo in addition to the outstanding track record of your product or service. A lot of entrepreneurs, when they initially start out on the web, don’ Read More

Don’t Avoid the Vet and Risk Your Cat or Dog’s Health Get Pet Health Insurance Today

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Our pets are like family to us. About 94% of pet owners say that their pets make them smile at least once per day, and when they’re away at least one-third of dog owners even talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages on answering machines for them. Sometimes, though, our pets can experience unexpected illnesses or accidents–just like us. When this occurs, veterinarian bills increase, so pet insurance is a wise investment for those of us with dogs and cats. In order to find a decent cat or dog insurance plan, be sure to search for the best pet insurance reviews online to help you choose an insurer. Here are some other helpful tips about pet insurance and when it may be time to take your pet to the vet.

1. First, just as with human health insurers, pet insurers should be registered with local regulators Read More