Month: June 2016

3 Ways to Help Prevent You Pet From Intrusive Shedding

Shampoo for dogs with dry skin

People love their pets. Approximately $60.28 billion was spent on pets in the U.S. in 2015 alone. The vast majority of pet owners (94%) say their pets make them smile more than once a day. That’s why taking proper care of pets is an important part of every owner’s life. One of the aspects of pets many owners tend to not necessarily enjoy is the shedding of fur.

Fur that’s being shed by a pet can get all over the house, clothes, and body causing discomfort and even allergies at times. Many times this is caused by things like skin irritation on dogs or cat skin allergies. Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to natural shed control.

Whether you have an itchy cat or shedding dog, here are three things to try and attain natural shed control.

  1. Products: There are plenty of products on the market that claim to prevent shedding in animals, but you need to be careful about the one you select. Validity may vary from pet to pet, but you should use a shampoo for dogs (or cat depending) that is all-natural and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals. There are natural shed control options for shampoo you just need to find them.
  2. Maintenance: Taking the time to routinely comb your pets hair with a brush is a great way to go about natural shed control. Sure, it might actually contribute to your pet’s shedding, but it will do so in a healthy and controlled way. This way you can discard of the lost hair as it comes out instead of it getting everywhere.
  3. Routine Vet Trips: Finally, one thing every pet owner should already be doing is taking their pet to regular veterinarian visits. This will help to ensure any potential diseases or conditions are caught early on. While this can help with shedding, it’s also important for catching more serious conditions. If your pet has a significant shedding problem it’s probably a good idea to go see a vet as there might be an underlying problem.

Pets are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. Take the time to properly care for your pet and natural shed control should be a predictable result.