Day: May 6, 2022

Horse Leases Are Real, But Are They Any Good?

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It seems like there are leases for everything nowadays. This also now includes horses. They should theoretically save you money upfront. However, you still have to pay for care such as food and veterinarian services. In this video, you will learn why these leases might not be any good.

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The issues with leases is that they convince people to buy things that they can not afford. The idea of getting a horse for a down payment and a payment every month may seem tempting. Yet, it is a trap for most people. You should not be getting a horse unless you have the money to buy it upfront in cash. These keeps you away from messy leases and debt. Now, you could still go with a lease if you are unsure if you will stick with the lobby long-term. However, you should only buy a lease if you have plenty of financial room to afford it. A horse is not a necessity in modern times. It is not like a car that you need. Therefore, make sure to pay off any debt you may have first.