From Cat and Dog Coasters to Personalized Tee Shirts Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers

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There are around 73 million homes or 64% of all households in the United States with pets, so there’s a good chance that you know someone who owns a dog, cat, or other animal whether you do or not. Americans love to spend money on their pets, too, especially around the holidays. The Christmas season brings $5 billion annually to the pet industry as people buy gifts for their cats and dogs or buy gifts for the pets of their friends and family. And people love showing off their pets, too, so personalized photo gifts, such as cat and dog coasters, tee shirts, and other keepsakes are popular for pet lovers.

No matter which season or occasion it is, there are plenty of unique gifts for pets and pet lovers alike. If you’re thinking of getting something for a pet owner, here are some items they may like:

Pet clothing
Pet clothes have become a huge trend in recent years, especially for dogs, and it varies from the practical to the ridiculous. However, things such as small or large dog hoodies and dog tee shirts can help your pet stay warm on those winter walks. Even harnesses that help keep dogs warm on walks are a great gift, especially for small dog owners. For pet owners who would like something more subtle, a personalized dog bandana is another way to give your pet a fun look.

Pet photo albums
Showing off pictures of a pet is a great source of pride and joy for many pet owners. One way to help is to get a pet owner in your life a photo album made especially for cats or dogs. A photo album is also an excellent gift for new pet owners, so they can track their puppy or kitten’s growth throughout the years.

Personalized photo gifts
From personalized cat and dog coasters with your pets face on them to a tee shirt with your pet’s image, there are plenty of personalized photo gifts that are great for any pet owner. Cat or dog coaster sets and cat and dog coffee mugs make a wonderful gift for any pet owning household. Personalized tee shirts are a fun way for pet owners to accessorize.

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