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The Best Way You Can Crate Train You Dog

Crating your dog is a useful way of training them; however, it must be used correctly in order to be effective. Being in a crate can help a dog develop a sense of security while preventing anxious episodes that could result in destructive behaviors like chewing. Crating can help even the most anxious of dogs relax and learn the basics of house training.

The best way to teach your dog to enjoy the crate is through positive reinforcement. By teaching them that calm behavior in the crate is rewardable, they can begin to make a safe space for themselves, as they’ll know it’s a place they can make their own. It can then start to become a place for them to retreat to when they become tired, anxious, or scared. Typically, dogs take quickly to crating simply due to their nature as den animals; however, we can still do a couple of things to help make it more comfortable for them; the addition of chew proof crate pads, for example, can help make a space that even the most rambunctious dog Read More