The Best Way You Can Crate Train You Dog

Crating your dog is a useful way of training them; however, it must be used correctly in order to be effective. Being in a crate can help a dog develop a sense of security while preventing anxious episodes that could result in destructive behaviors like chewing. Crating can help even the most anxious of dogs relax and learn the basics of house training.

The best way to teach your dog to enjoy the crate is through positive reinforcement. By teaching them that calm behavior in the crate is rewardable, they can begin to make a safe space for themselves, as they’ll know it’s a place they can make their own. It can then start to become a place for them to retreat to when they become tired, anxious, or scared. Typically, dogs take quickly to crating simply due to their nature as den animals; however, we can still do a couple of things to help make it more comfortable for them; the addition of chew proof crate pads, for example, can help make a space that even the most rambunctious dogs can’t mess up.

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog

There are many benefits that can come from crate training your dog, a few of which include:

  • Crate training can also help with potty training, as it helps trigger your dog’s instinct not to go near where they sleep. This can help reduce the number of accidents when you’re not around to take them outside.
  • Crating can also help prevent your dog from getting up to mischief when you’re out. Puppies and anxious dogs can be prone to chewing when not looked after; however, while crated you can install indestructible crate pads and a chew proof crate bed that will prevent damage while they’re unlearning this behavior.
  • Consistent crating can also help your dog enjoy their crate, as it helps them to realize it’s a place that is all their own. This means they can start to associate it with security and will be more likely to venture in even on their own.

Creating A Welcoming Space

There are a lot of things to consider when creating the perfect crate space. Chew proof crate pads can give puppies something to chew without damage, while the addition of soft blankets and toys can give them something to snuggle up to. A few more general things to keep in mind can include:

  • Place your dog’s favorite toys into the crate to help make it appear more inviting. At first, your dog may be wary of the new space, but with the addition of a couple of familiar items, they will be more likely to explore on their own and at their own pace.
  • If chew proof crate pads are needed, add a blanket over the top for extra comfort. This will not only give you protection from chew damage but it will offer a comfortable surface to curl up on and sleep.
  • You can also help introduce them to the crate by placing their meals in it. This can help create a positive association with food, and make your dog more likely to venture in and feel safe.

Above all, it is important to be consistent with your crating. Allow your dog to become comfortable at their own pace and never force them in. When they are in the crate give them positive reinforcement, as well as a few of their favorite toys to play with. Take into account what your dog will need; chew proof crate pads, blankets, water, and toys, so that they will be happy and comfortable for the duration of their stay. Crating is easier than you think when you use the right methods!

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