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The Invaluable Service Veterinarians Provide For Our Pets

People all around the world enjoy the company of pets, both small and large. Just in the United States there are more dogs than anywhere else, 75 million to be specific. But, unfortunately, our pets are living creatures and are prone to getting injured just as frequently as us and even experience the same issues. When your animal is injured a normal hospital is not staffed to care for their injuries, but animal hospitals are. Or maybe they are not injured but need other veterinary services like brushing, veterinary dentistry, or all around animal care. A vet hospital provides the care our pets need because many are practically family, adopting last names like an adopted child would or sharing a spot in the family photo.

Veterinary Services That Are Provided

Animals, like mankind, need regular checkups. The problem is that pets can’t talk to us, they can’t provide the necessary syllables that are needed to speak English. Having regular checkups, at least twice a year if yo Read More

Why Vet Vists Are So Important For Animals

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pets are part of the family for many people. Although taking care of them is not always cheap or simple, many individuals and families feel that their pet is almost like a human, and only want to offer the best care they can provide or afford. Some individuals worry about major problems down the line, such as diagnosis of cancer in animals, and wonder how they can prevent this from happening. Even with the economic downturn, surveys have shown that over 90% of families still spend as much money as they did before on their pets, and sometimes even more. Here is what can be done to avoid major problems that can lead to a veterinary emergency.

Take Pets in, At Least Twice a Year

In order to avoid going to the emergency vet, which can cost a lot of money, individuals should look into taking their pets to the vet at least twice a year. This can be helpful, since vet visits can help in early diagnosis of cancer in animals, should it ever become an issue that is noticed. Having pets looked at twice a year is important for older animals, because they can quickly develop tumors and other issues that were not around when they were younger. Vets also suggest that older pets should come in twice a year for a variety of other reasons. This includes getting a dental check, or even spacing out shots, so they animal is not too overwhelmed at once.

Have Pets Get a Dental Checkup

Thankfully, there is no need to locate a separate dentist for a dog or cat-vets can perform these services at just about any animal hospital. Having a dental checkup is just as important for cats and dogs as it is for humans, because over 65% of cats and dogs can get some form of dental disease by age three, is their teeth are not looked after. Regular cleanings can also be useful in helping to prevent and determine the diagnosis of cancer in animals.

There Are Options When Cancer is Discovered Early On

Getting cancer is a major concern for pet families. The diagnosis of cancer in animals is never easy or pleasant to deal with. Thankfully, there are many different options when it comes to the treatment of cancer in animals that are far more advanced than they were many years ago. This is due to advances in technology. Pets can have chemotherapy, as well as many other options when it comes to pain relief. Because of the advances in modern medicine, pets can still live longer lives even after the cancer has been detected, as long as it has been found early on.

For any pet family, there are many reasons to bring pets to the doctor early and often. It can find problems that were not there six months ago. It is also easier to treat different issues by separate visits, such as having a pet?s teeth cleaned. When cancer is discovered within a pet, it can be handled in an easier and more effective manner, than if it was caught too late.

How to Prevent Mouth Issues in Pets

veterinary surgical proceduresApproximately 46,300,000 households in the United States own dogs, and 38,900,000 households own cats. Every pet should make frequent trips to a vet for routine checkups, but sometimes, veterinary surgical procedures must be performed to keep your pet in good health. If your pet is scheduled to undergo a minor veterinary surgery, rest assured — they’re in good hands. Here’s a look at one of the most common minor veterinary surgical procedures vets perform.

Tooth extraction is listed as the top surgical procedure performed on cats according to Veterinary Pet Insurance. It’s also the third most common procedure for dogs. The average cost of a dental tooth extraction procedure is just under $1,000. It’s important to understand that keeping your pet’s mouth in good dental health is one of the best ways to prevent the need for an emergency veterinarian.

As your pet ages, they are likely to develop periodontal disease as an adult. This causes breakdown of gum tissue that can lead to bacteria escaping into the bloodstream and potentially causing an infection. If your pet’s immune system isn’t strong enough to kill the microbes, it’s likely to lead to a heart infection.

Another little-known fact about cats is that they can be seriously harmed from prolonged cigarette smoke exposure. If your cat lives with someone who smokes cigarettes indoors, the noxious smoke and all its chemical components can actually seep into the cat’s fur. Then, when they groom themselves, which is generally several times a day, the toxins will get into the cat’s mouth and cause some serious issues.

Regardless of the environments in which your pets live, it’s important for them to maintain a healthy diet. Doctors recommend a diet of mostly raw foods that trace back to the animal’s roots. For example, it’s recommended that cats should not eat seafood since ancestors of today’s house cats did not hunt from the sea. Even though most cats enjoy seafood, there are other alternatives your cat will enjoy as well. Remember to look at the ingredients and try to limit the preservatives in your cat’s food.

Overall, keeping your pets healthy is a proactive effort. Taking small steps to reduce health risks, and taking advantage of veterinary services are the best ways for your pet to live a happy and healthy life.