The Invaluable Service Veterinarians Provide For Our Pets

People all around the world enjoy the company of pets, both small and large. Just in the United States there are more dogs than anywhere else, 75 million to be specific. But, unfortunately, our pets are living creatures and are prone to getting injured just as frequently as us and even experience the same issues. When your animal is injured a normal hospital is not staffed to care for their injuries, but animal hospitals are. Or maybe they are not injured but need other veterinary services like brushing, veterinary dentistry, or all around animal care. A vet hospital provides the care our pets need because many are practically family, adopting last names like an adopted child would or sharing a spot in the family photo.

Veterinary Services That Are Provided

Animals, like mankind, need regular checkups. The problem is that pets can’t talk to us, they can’t provide the necessary syllables that are needed to speak English. Having regular checkups, at least twice a year if your pets are getting older, can help a local vet catch an issue before it balloons into a serious problem and skirts around the issue of communication. For example, pets, like humans, are prone to arthritis in as many as one in four dogs and, sadly, will most likely live with it the rest of their lives. On the bright side, more than three-fourths, or 76 percent to be specific, of dogs experiencing arthritis and severe dysplasia can go on living happy, comfortable and active lives, if their problem is managed properly.

Regular checkups at animal hospitals also allow for a pet to have their teeth cleaned. Quite frankly, many owners, as many as 65 percent, do not bother brushing their pet’s teeth and oftentimes are afflicted with a dental disease. A concerning 80 percent and 70 percent of dogs and cats, respectively, experience signs of dental disease by the time they reach the age of three. It is crucial you have your pet’s teeth cleaned to avoid loose teeth, chronic pain and even abscesses.

Another important service that animal hospitals can provide is mitigating, preventing and relieving an animal of fleas. These nasty critters drain your pet of blood, gorging themselves and breeding a staggering number of offspring. A single female flea, with the lifespan as short as two to three months and as long as a year, can lay as many as 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Even without a blood meal they will go on living another 100 days or more. With fleas, you need to be fast, ruthless and calculating in order to keep your pet safe and sound.

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