Month: April 2014

Top Three Benefits to Buying a Puppy

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There’s a lot of different reasons people are drawn to buying a puppy. For some, the motivation may be no more complex than a general, visceral concept of cuteness. For others, a lot of thought may go into whether or not buying a puppy is the right choice for them. It certainly is not a decision to be made lightly; buying a puppy is a choice for life, not just for now. As you consider whether or not to go through with buying a puppy, though, here are three reasons why buying a puppy can be one of the best choices you make:

1. Safety

Immediately, one of the advantages to having a dog that can be pointed out to the most pragmatic puppy purchaser is the safety element. Granted, no thief is going to be intimidated by a newborn ball of fur, but it may be useful to think of the fee charged at pet shops Read More

Insuring Your Pets for Vet Care

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Pet insurance is a relatively new offering. In fact, tv s Lassie was the original recipient of a pet insurance policy. Fortunately, you now have some financial protections that can help with pet care fees and bills. As prices rise at the vet, pet owners would say it is worth it to have covered procedures and checkups available to their pets. Getting feedback from the best pet insurance reviews will allow you to quickly get your pet the care that they need and have them feeling better.

To find cheap pet insurance quotes, you should do some preliminary research to understand which companies and policies will make the most sense for your situation. You might want to start with recommendations from your friends or vets, Read More

Three Things Every Small Business Needs to Know About Social Media in 2014

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Attention, web businesses of the world! Contrary to what you might believe, social media is not helping companies expand their sales very effectively at all. At least, that’s what recent data from Social Media Marketing University suggests. So, does that mean it’s time to start filling the lifeboats on the Titanic-sized failure of Facebook and Twitter? Not even close.
Social media might not be landing you more sales, but it’s establishing your brand firmly into the sphere of public influence. Think about what brings the most traffic to your new web pages — is it organic clicks from Google? Chances are, it’s actually all the self-promotion your business does on Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. We’ve no Read More