Three Things Every Small Business Needs to Know About Social Media in 2014

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Attention, web businesses of the world! Contrary to what you might believe, social media is not helping companies expand their sales very effectively at all. At least, that’s what recent data from Social Media Marketing University suggests. So, does that mean it’s time to start filling the lifeboats on the Titanic-sized failure of Facebook and Twitter? Not even close.
Social media might not be landing you more sales, but it’s establishing your brand firmly into the sphere of public influence. Think about what brings the most traffic to your new web pages — is it organic clicks from Google? Chances are, it’s actually all the self-promotion your business does on Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. We’ve now entered a great time for smaller companies to invest their resources in social media.
But you probably knew that already. In fact, you’ve been building a professional website for at least five years now, slowly but steadily gaining more followers as you continue to churn out high-quality, engaging content. So, what’s next for the social media market? Two words: mobile browsing.
Responsive web design.
It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of shoe selling, homemade craft retailing or veterinarian marketing — every small business will eventually end up on their future customers’ smartphones. Studies show that mobile web usage will overtake desktop browsing by 2017, but the earlier you begin to invest in responsive web design, the more of an advantage you’ll gain in your market. And when it comes to landing customers, the early bird does indeed get the worm.
Listening to your users.
This is definitely the most important of all the mobile website design tips you’re likely to hear about. It’s one thing to acknowledge feedback you receive on Twitter via a hashtag or on your company’s Facebook page, but it’s another to actually respond to it. The difference? Listening. Don’t just placate or patronize your customers, but value them by engaging in conversations.
Veterinarian marketing-centric email messages with social media buttons embedded. Instagram photos uploaded with a unique tag completely specific to your business. Facebook posts that link back to your company website. In the digital age, everything is connected, and nowhere is that more true than your in online marketing strategies. Remember, you’re sculpting an entire digital identity.
In the end, all that matters is that you’re ahead of the curve. And with an ever-changing curve, it’s best to go in knowing all the tips — especially these ones.

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