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Why you Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Every pet owner should—and usually does—feel obligated to take loving care of their pets. It doesn’t matter whether the pet just arrived or has been around for years, most owners feel a personal connection that stands the test of time. However, it’s also not uncommon for some owners to shy away from spaying and neutering their pets. If this responsibility isn’t actively ignored, it is at least sometimes forgotten because it doesn’t seem important. However, the importance of spaying or neutering your pet cannot be overstated. Here are some of the top benefits of neutering your pet or having it spayed.

Help Control the Animal Population

Even though pets are a wonderful and welcome addition to any community, if they are allowed to reproduce uncontrollably, there are several problems that arise. One of the most concerning is animals are born and aren’t able to get the food they need or want. Animal starvation is a real problem, and it can be controlled if you understand Read More

Dogs And Cats Get Periodontal Disease, Too Why You Should Be Brushing Your Pets’ Teeth Every Day

Your pet’s health is important. Achieving everything your cat or dog needs to live a long and happy life means breaking things down into basics.

That means looking up the right dental care for pets, rather than attempting home solutions that may or may not work. That means getting a dog spayed or neutered as soon as possible so they don’t create unwanted litters. You love your furry friend, but with them comes massive responsibility. If you’re worried about falling behind on vaccinations — or just want to make sure your pet is on the up and up — consider reading the list below. There’s a lot to get to, but it’s best done in a series of steps.

Here are five ways to ensure your cats and dogs are always feeling their best.

Double-Check Your Dental Care Methods

Just like your own oral health care, your pets need to be checked on a daily basis. Dogs and cats can succumb to periodontal disease, which can erode their gum lining and cause them a Read More