Month: October 2014

Three Tips for Your Veterinary Social Media Presence

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We all know that these days, every business needs to have an online presence as one of their marketing strategies. Once your vet clinic has a professional website, you should start branching out and implementing different veterinary marketing ideas that are out there. One of the most effective (and most fun) ways to connect to your customer base and encourage its growth is to use social media. Here are three tips for doing it.

Use the right ones
There are a number of social media sites out there, and while you can be a member of more than one, you should limit your membership to only the ones that you can handle. Check out a few of the most popular ones — like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest — and see what their features are and how you’ll be connecting with your clients. Choose the ones you understand how to use and that offer the type of social media platform you can effectively work with.

Engage your audience
When you’ve chosen a few different social media sites to join, you need to make sure that you’re using them well and engaging with your clients. Post interesting content and things that your clients are going to want to click on and share (a wealth of cute animal videos comes to mind). If it isn’t interesting, people won’t care. Post different types of media like articles, videos, and pictures to mix things up.

Be careful
This is probably the most important tip on this list, and it bears repeating. Be careful. One typo or grammar mistake could spell disaster and quickly alienate or offend a lot of people at once, and very quickly. A common faux pas these days is not finding out what a trending hashtag is about before using it — like the Digiorno and the hashtag that referred to domestic violence debacle.

Do you have any other veterinary marketing tips or tricks for social media? Let us know in the comments. Find out more at this site.