The Essentials You Need for Dog Grooming

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This guide is super helpful for anyone who wants to learn at home dog grooming. Even if you can’t get your pup to the groomer right now, it shows you how to keep them clean and comfy. First, you must get your dog all wet before you squirt on the shampoo.

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Wash them all over, but be careful not to get soap in their eyes, ears, or mouth.

Those are all very sensitive areas. After you rinse all the shampoo out, make sure you get all of it out. Leaving shampoo on your dog can make their skin itchy. When it comes to drying your pup, use a hair dryer on a cool setting and keep moving it around so you don’t burn them. If your dog gets mats in their fur a lot, a comb and a slicker brush are your best bet.

Just don’t brush too hard in one spot, or you could give your dog a brush burn. Brushing your dog while their fur is drying will help prevent mats from forming. Remember to brush in the direction your dog’s fur grows.

If you do run into a mat, don’t pull it out harshly. That can hurt your dog. Instead, put some conditioner on it and let it sit for a few minutes, then try brushing it out again. For dogs with thick fur, like Huskies or German Shepherds, an undercoat rake is a great tool to get rid of all that loose fur. Labs and other short-haired pups might need a brushing every few weeks to get rid of loose hair.


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