Mattress Shopping Tips

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Did you know that the protective fabric cover over a mattress is called ticking?

We use our beds more than any other piece of furniture. Since most people do not go eighteen days without sleep, the longest recorded period without sleep, and we are not so lucky as elephants to be able to sleep standing up, it is important to know that you are going to get a quality mattress for the price you pay when you go looking at Chicago mattress sales. Inner spring mattresses, first pioneered in the 1930s, are no longer the only options for comfortable sleeping. Special memory foam mattresses and mattresses with adjustable firmness are widely available now, so figure out what you are looking for before visiting a Chicago mattress sale. This can be done by researching what you want online before going, or talking to your doctor about the best sleeping options for you. While it is widely believed that firm mattresses are better for bad backs, medium firm mattresses can often help low back pain more.

Often times the best place to look for Chicago mattress sales are places that do not have showrooms filled with salespeople. These people get paid commission, and are trying to make a sale to make money, not to make you happy. A cheap mattress in Chicago will most likely come from a store that is aiming to please you, so be sure to look at customer satisfaction ratings when determining what Chicago mattress outlet to visit for Chicago mattress sales.

When going to Chicago mattress sales, also ask about payment options. Be sure that there are money back guarantees, and see if there are no interest payment options available. Also ask about comfort guarantees and warranties. Most mattresses should come with a minimum of a ten year warranty.

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