Dog Training Experts Reveal Their Secrets

Aggressive dog training orlando

Why were four golden retrievers at the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Luther, Ruthie, Rufus, and Hannah are part of the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, and they are specially trained to provide warmth and cuddles in the face of tragedy. The docile pups travel the U.S., comforting victims of shootings, natural disasters, and more.

Hannah, Rufus, Luther, and Ruthie are extraordinary, but — with some dedication and effort — even the most aggressive dogs can be equally well-behaved. Animal experts reveal some of the best dog training tips:

Ask Yourself, Are You Encouraging Your Dog’s Bad Behavior?

Dogs respond to any and all kinds of attention, according to animal behaviorists. In other words, dogs do not discriminate between good and bad attention. For that reason, scolding does not work on the majority of dogs. In fact, they’re likely to repeat the behavior for even more negative attention. Nip bad behavior in the bud by temporarily ignoring dogs when they do something wrong.

Teach Dogs To Be Alone Without Destroying The House

Dog training videos and dog training classes all suggest the same thing; the key to residential dog training is to train dogs to be alone — and preferably at a young age. “Many dogs that are kept in homes have a real problem with being left alone at some point in their lives,” animal expert John Bradshaw tells NPR. Bradshaw recommends taking time to explicitly train dogs to be alone, just like you would devote time to teaching them sit or use the bathroom.

Bring In The Experts

If your pup is particularly troublesome — or your schedule is especially busy — don’t sweat it. Sometimes, bringing in professionals and/or enrolling your pet into dog training schools is the best course of action. Dog training schools have the expertise to train dogs of all ages and breeds.

Don’t come back to a destroyed home every day. There is a better way. Make sure you are training your pup properly (do not indirectly reward bad behavior!), and know when it’s time to ask for a little professional help. Visit here for more information.

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