The Importance of Tagging Your Animal Compation

Pet tags engraved

Anyone who has had a lost pet knows the pain, heartache, and sense of helplessness while your pet is away. The sense of loss, in addition to the fear that your pet is injured is indescribable. Americans truly love their animal companions, as such, it is important to do whatever is necessary to support and ensure you pet’s health, happiness, and safety.

Aside from regular veterinary visits and check ups, it is important to make sure your animal companions have proper identification, and are wearing pet tags at all times. This safeguards your pet in the event they are lost, and significantly increases the likelihood they will be able to be returned to you safely. Aside from the standard cat tags dog id tags, microchip RFID tags are highly recommended.

Information included on traditional pet tags include your animal companion’s name, your name, phone number, and city and state of residence. It is essential to use a phone number where you can easily be reached, such as a cell phone number. Though it is possible to include an address, there may not be enough room on the tag with the other information. Additionally, some people may not feel completely comfortable including their personal address on their animal companion’s tag, and may opt out of doing so. However, the other information should suffice.

If your pet has an RFID or microchip tag, this should include the manufacturer’s name and phone number. Having an RFID tag in addition to a traditional tag further increases the chances of your pet being located and returned to safety in the event they are lost. Additionally, it is a good idea to have your pet wear their proof of vaccination, letting whomever finds them know they are current on their vaccinations.

Pet tags can also be decorative and fun! Unique pet tags come in a variety of materials and colors, such as brass pet tags or reflective materials. Pet ID tags are extremely customizable, and can be designed to suit your pet’s personality and “fashion” sense, by complimenting their fur.

Investing in a pet tag is a necessary and worthwhile investment. The peace of mind is priceless! More information like this:

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