Virtual Veterinarians What You Should Know

Veterinary telemedicine

Veterinarians have a lot of responsibilities on their hands. Vets across the country treat the pets Americans raise and love. In 2012, more than 164 million American households owned at least one pet, including 83 million dogs and 96 million cats. Not only do Americans own many pets, they spend quite a lot on them (something most vets would agree with). The American Pet Products Association found that every year, Americans spend close to $50 billion on pet supplies, including food, litter, leashes, grooming tools, and toys. Needless to say, our furry critters are (for the most part) well groomed and provided for in the United States.

Vets have a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis. They have many stories of when a pet ate chocolate, for example, or a piece of plastic. When a dog injures his leg after running too fast or when a cat swatted at something with way too much intensity! Still, pet owners are busy too, and may not have enough time to take their pets to the vet as often as they should. It is recommended that pets younger than eight years old should go to the vet at least once a year and pets older than that should go at least twice. That, however, is easier said than done.

Thankfully, new technology is making veterinary care more accessible than ever. Online veterinary services offer pet owners with a chance to treat their pets without having to go to a vet’s office. Online veterinarian services offer professional veterinary care from the comfort of one’s home. By using webcams or the telephone, vets can examine and even diagnose pets. Virtual veterinarian services makes going to the vet easy, convenient, and safe.

When your pet ate chocolate or injured itself, you know just how important it is to see a vet. Now, with modern Internet capabilities, you can do so without ever leaving your home.

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