3 Reasons You’re Going to Check Out a Dog Dating Site

Dog dating

Almost everyone has an online dating story these days. For some, it?s a funny story they tell over drinks; for others, it?s the explanation of how they met their significant other. A lot of print space has been devoted to discussing how humans are using online dating websites, but this leaves out an important question: what about dogs?

That?s right: the online dating world is opening up to puppies. Dog dating sites are now a reality. Of course, this comes with some caveats. Obviously, we haven?t reached a point in intuitive technology where dogs can easily use your computer or smartphone to talk with other dogs about whether they?d want to potentially meet up. So you?re going to need to help your pup out when it comes to the path to ultimate doggy love.

If you?re interested in using a pet dating site but not sure whether it?s the right thing for your four-legged friend (maybe they just want to keep things casual right now?), here?s a few things to keep in mind.

1. Your Dog Isn?t Happy When They?re Alone

It?s a reality of most owners? lives: you and perhaps your spouse work similar hours during the day, and your dog is home alone — possibly crated — this entire time. Especially in one puppy households (which represents 60% of dog owners), this can be an undue stress for your puppy, and an estimated 4% of 55 million dogs in the U.S. suffer regularly from separation anxiety. Having a puppy play friend that can meet during the day can help to relieve some of the stress your dog is feeling at being away from you.

2. Finding Your Dog?s Baby Momma

Breeding isn?t right for every dog owner. Dogs that have been obtained from pet shops or shelters, as you?re likely aware, have probably been sterilized already. Many pet owners, though, are avid proponents of their chosen purebred breeds and you may be looking for a way to give other families the opportunity to experience it. Or perhaps your poodle and an interested labrador could give rise to some adorable labradoodles? At any rate, dog dating sites can double as dog breeding sites for finding an appropriate match for your dog.

3. Go on a Walk, Just Like in 101 Dalmatians

No, you don?t necessarily need to get your leashes tangle up and fall in love with the other pet owner. You may live in an area with a decent number of dogs, but finding someone willing to go on a walk or to a dog park with you and your pup may be proving to be a bit more difficult. Luckily, dog dating sites can help you connect to other locals looking for opportunities to socialize their dogs! Just 20 minutes of interaction a day can prevent dogs from feeling lonely.

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