Dark Park Accessories Must Include Doggy Waste Bags

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The joke is that Mom has one nemesis.
Mom is generally an easy going person who seems to be on a mission to find the good in every person in every situation, but when it comes to her arch enemy there seems to be no chance for reconciliation.
The situation started when Mom stepped into dog poop one day when she was going over the short split rail fence into the park behind her house. She was going out to take some pictures of her two teenage daughters playing catch and attempting batting practice at the ball diamond less than 50 yards away. When Mom’s foot landed in that dog poop, however, the picture taking venture came to an abrupt end. Her favorite shoes were ruined in her opinion, and no amount of cleaning could convince her otherwise. Never really much of a pet person anyway because of her allergies, this incident sealed the deal.

Fast forward about two weeks to when the nemesis entered the scene. This dog owner probably thought that he was safe walking his dog in the secluded area between the trees and the split rail fence. When mom finally happened to be home, however, and caught sight of him walking his dog with no regard for the mess that was being made, the poopy bags were flying!

Mom bolted out the door to deck and down the stairs before the offending pooch could finish doing his duty. Armed with some pet poopy bags that she found on a clearance rack, mom loudly approached the dog owner and pretended that she was coming to his rescue. In a voice loud enough that the neighbors could hear, Mom expressed her sympathy that the irresponsible dog owner could not afford to buy his own poopy bags. Offering the bags in a mostly aggressive fashion, Mom insisted that he accept the gift of the multi colored poopy bags that she had purchased. Angered, more than embarrassed, at being caught, the man began picking up pile after pile of both fresh and dried dog poop.
Obviously more a friend to his canine than an enemy to Mom, however, the dog owner continued to walk his dog on its favorite route every night. He did, however, now carry his own dog poop bags.

Are You a Responsible Pet Owner?
It is no secret that people love to make social media posts about their dogs. On any given day you can see videos of dogs playing frisbee, dogs playing dead, and dogs playing with children. Pet owners post photos of their dogs napping, messing up already made beds, looking out the window at annoying birds, and lounging in the sun.
The one issue that these adorable photos and videos seem to ignore, though, is that of responsible dog ownership. A responsibility that dictates that the owner will pick up after their pets when they are out for a walk. Whether it is a dog park or a playground for children, responsible owners know that they have to use dog wast bags and clean up after their pets. To the frustration of the many owners who follow this common sense protocol, however, there are many owners who simply do not seem to care. Their carelessness and neglect, then, becomes a problem for everyone else. Even when doggy waste stations are provided in high traffic areas like dog parks, there is always that one owner who tries to get away without following the rules.
As more and more neighborhoods and cities are working to combat the mess left behind by irresponsible owners, some groups are taking the situation more seriously than others. From fines in some cities to apartment complexes that make all pet owners register their dog’s DNA from a poop sample, many are trying to make it clear what it means to be a well mannered pet owner.

If you want even more reasons, other than becoming the arch enemy of an angry Mom, about why to pick up after your pet, consider these facts:

  • 23 million fecal coliform bacteria can be present in a single gram of dog feces.
  • Dogs defecate an average of twice a day, which adds up to about 14 piles of feces in a single week.
  • 40% of dog owners do nott pick up their pet?s poop.

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