Fleas and The 3 Most Common Treatments

Pet hospitals

Your adorable, loving puppy is bound to have fleas at some point her life. Dogs get into all kinds of dirt and mischief, and sometimes they pick up fleas. This can be annoying and painful for your pup. In fact, an average female flea consumes about 15 times her body weight in blood every day. This doesn?t bode well for anybody. Humans can also get fleas, and they spread like wildfire. If your pet gets fleas, you should bring her to a veterinarian as soon as possible. You likely won?t have to go to an animal hospital unless your dog gets sick, which could indicate the fleas are carrying a disease.

If your dog does catch a disease from fleas or ticks, get to an animal hospital immediately once symptoms appear. Cases involving pets catching the bubonic plague. This is certainly unlikely, but if you notice any sickness beyond excessive scratching, seeking out pet hospitals near you is the responsible decision.

Flea Treatment

There are a few different veterinary services that treat fleas.

Flea collars are a common method of preventing and killing fleas but be careful that you choose one specifically designed for killing fleas, cause many only prevent. These are especially effective against ticks and can last for many months.

Topical medication is essentially an ointment or spray that kills fleas.This treatment method can be hit or miss, so make sure to research the best topical treatments and understand that it still might not work.

Pills are typically prescribed medication and can have side effects, but they are most effective at killing fleas and start working in as little as 30 minutes. They do not, however, kill ticks.

Caring for a dog is an amazing responsibility. It can fill your heart with joy and happiness, but you need to do a lot for your dog. If she is scratching excessively or you notice red bites on her belly, take her to a vet to confirm that she has fleas or ticks. Ask the vet which treatment they recommend and get your puppy flea free!
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