Keep Your Pet Cozy With A Therapeutic Pet Bed

Cats and dogs enjoy curling up for a nice cozy nap. Why give them a simple pat mat when you can give them a therapeutic one. Veterinarians recommend therapeutic pet mats because of their proven effectiveness. A specialized therapy pet mat may lessen the onset of common chronic conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions usually happen in aging pets. These conditions may include pressure sores, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and many others. A therapy pet mat is superior to a traditional dog bed in a lot of ways. It feels comfortable and soft, but also stable. The structure forms to the contours of the body, resulting in improved neuro-skeleton support. This helps to evenly distribute weight and decrease impact.

Pet Heating Pad

A pet heating pad is the perfect way to give your pet an inviting place to relax, no matter the weather. These kinds of mats prove to be especially useful for older pets, or pets with a litter of puppies or kittens. Some questions to ask while searching for one are what method is used for heat generation? Is the heating pad waterproof? Does it have removable covers to make washing easier? If you are looking at an electric pad, make sure to find out if the cord is chew-proof especially if your pet likes to chew on things.

Bamboo Charcoal

If your pet is experiencing discomfort from hip dysplasia, a pet mat made of bamboo charcoal emits far-infrared energy along with negative ions to soothe pain and provide healing from joint stiffness. This mat melts away discomfort because between the charcoal layers there are layers of fleece. In addition to soothing away discomfort, it can absorb odor and protect your furniture. This therapy pet mat is machine washable and dryer safe. The only other maintenance required is to put it in direct sunlight for an hour or two every three months.

Another kind of therapy pet mat is one that uses your pet’s own body energy and creates a soothing far infrared effect. This style of therapy dog bed benefits both old and young dogs. It helps to relieve muscle soreness and it can help your pet feel relaxed and sleep peacefully. There are many options for therapy pet mats and there are even more therapy products for dogs. Your pet does not need to suffer unnecessarily. Get a therapeutic dog bed to provide relief.

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