Is Your Dog Suffering From Arthritis? This May Help!

Your fur baby means a lot to you, doesn’t it? You treat them like your own children, feeding them, grooming them, making them comfortable, playing with them, teaching them lessons, and scolding them on the rare occasion. And like children, households residing in the United States have at the very least one pet, 44 percent of which own a dog with Labradors leading the pack as the most popular dog since 2013. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get to spend all the time you wish on them. It’s not uncommon for your dog to experience some kind of discomfort that whittles away at their once energetic nature. All is not lost! There are a plethora of therapy products for dogs that may help win back some of that rowdy nature you know your dog has.

Arthritis in your dog is, unfortunately, a common problem among dogs, as common as one in four pet dogs in just the United States. In order to help your dog further, it’s best to be familiar with the symptoms beforehand to react to the problem as soon as possible. If caught and managed well, severe dysplasia and arthritis can be easier for 76 percent of dogs to handle and even live comfortably.

Common Symptoms Of Arthritis

Many symptoms of arthritis in dogs can actually show up in other categories of illnesses or injuries. This means it’s best to be proactive if your dog shows any signs of: trouble moving, especially after playing or if it’s been cold lately, swelling in the joints, not eating and even fevers.

What Can You Do?

Luckily, with proper care from a qualified veterinarian and a few choice therapy products for dogs that are not very different at all from what a human would buy, you can help your pet dog win back some of his or her luster.

Therapeutic blankets have been a debated topic since their inception. The goal of the blankets is to provide a weighted pressure to mimic the act of swaddling. However, a weighted blanket designed for humans does not work on pets! What you can be sure of is anxiety blankets. Their purpose is the same without the added weight. These blankets for humans and dogs have been reported to help sleep. When you have aching arthritis, even the possibility of sleeping better is worth the money.

Therapeutic dog beds, on the other hand, are designed for comfort and weight distribution. This is especially helpful for dogs suffering from arthritis and dysplasia. Though it should be noted that therapeutic dog beds are designed with memory foam. If they aren’t, then it isn’t a true therapeutic dog bed.

Investing in a dog hock brace can, like a human brace, help support joints. That’s it! A dog’s hock is the equivalent of a human ankle.

These are just a few of the many therapy products for dogs that you can invest in. Consulting a qualified veterinarian can you help pinpoint the right products for your dog!

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